Terms of Service

By purchasing, the customer is aware and fully agrees with our Terms of Service.

  • We are not accountable for our customer's software usage. Our security and crypting software is not made for malicious use and cannot be used for that. We have taken inbuilt security measure to counter this. Our software is solely made for the purpose of security testing, pentesting, LAN (parental) monitoring and file protection against reverse engineering. We do NOT allow our software to be used as malware. Misusing our software will lead to a ban.
  • The customer is aware of our definition of FUD.
  • Providing crypting service to a 3rdparty is prohibited.
  • Sending unsolicited email advertisements to or through BuyCrypter is not allowed.
  • Because this is a product with included service, we do not have a refund policy.
  • The information on this website about the products is made on a specific date. Small differences may occur between different versions.
  • Reclaiming money back over Paypal or trying to reverse/dispute will result in a license ban.
  • Not adhering to the rules will result in a license termination!

Privacy Policy

  • The website records some information and makes IP logs. This information is fully private and will only be used for statistics.
    Your privacy is very important to us.