A Few Words About Us

crypter provider

We have grown to be the biggest crypter provider. This is one of the IT branches in which we are specialized.
The BuyCrypter team is consists of security professionals with many years of experience. Our products that are focused on code protection and undetection are used in over 50 countries. We aim to be innovative, productive, stable and having premium customer support.

Why Us

Customer satisfaction, and offering the highest quality crypters, has always been our first priority. All the crypters and services we provide are coded and provided by our own team which makes us independent.

  • No waiting Almost No waiting time!
  • Update FUD Undetected Free updates
  • Premium Support Premium customer support
  • re-FUD on detection Frequent Updates
  • Quality Encryption High quality encryption

What we believe

We believe in building a good relation with our customer base and providing longterm cryptography solutions to our customers. We believe in making complex and advanced products simpler and easier to use for a wide audience. We believe in quality through innovation.

The Netherlands, Operating under AN Soft Ltd.
Chamber of Commerce Registration: 61185515

Pegasuslaan 19
4624 CN Bergen op Zoom
The Netherlands
T +31 (0)611866277