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We provide encryption software to protect files against invaders and reverse engineering. We are leading the market with multiple crypters and cryptography solutions.

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Crypt as many files as needed without any limits or hidden expenses. All with just a few clicks and easy software usable by anyone.

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Why crypting?

Our advanced cryptography technology makes it possible for everyone to protect executable files against reverse engineering and crackers. Reach a broader audience as a software developer or pentester without worrying. To keep up, we provide automatic updates frequently. Our support team is available every day and we do not charge any hidden costs. Using an installer with false Anti-Virus detections? Our FUD Crypters will remove most detections, if not all.


Review Simon

"The cyptography solution they offer to protect software is the most effective one so far for us. Also the professionalism made us to be a long term customer. "

- Simon Parker, USA

Review Van Woerden

"I would definitely recommend their service to anyone that needs to get rid of some annoying false detections. The software is doing a perfect job."

- Van Woerden, Europe