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CryptProtect& FUD

Buy A FUD Crypter - Crypt and Undetect your Files !

Latest News

•PerfectMoney payments are accepted (May 1, 2014)
•Payment method updated: Webmoney button included (April 18, 2014)
•New payment method: Bitcoins accepted now! (Januari 25, 2014)

What is a Crypter?

Crypters can pack your file in a way that the actual bytes are not readable. People use a crypter to to protect a file that they release, from crackers and reverse engineering. Or make files that are detected for some reason fully undetectable (FUD). False positives can be defeated this way and your file will get protected with a polymorphic and strong encryption. Our products are all undetected / undetectable and we frequently update it to keep it like this. These updates are completely free and automatic. Our FUD crypters are the cheapest in price class on the market, yet with most reliability and Highest Quality.

Get Started!

Buying a Crypter
You can choose one of the crypter / binder packages and start immediately crypting and fudding. After purchase, you will get activated fast and you can start to crypt your files easily.
Crypting has never been that easy!

How to Crypt

Crypting is easy and can be done by anyone. The crypters that we offer are made for simplicity and easy usage. You can Crypt with just one click on a button without having to think about the hard processes behind it. Anyone can use our products, from beginners to advanced users! Our software is your formula for a long lasting undetection.

Free Updates

You pay one time, and you enjoy yourself for the rest of the time with free daily updates. Having frequent stub updates is crucial if you want an undetected output. With our crypters you don't have to pay, or ask for updates. Everything is automatically! With some other crypters you have to wait for weeks. Our updates are daily!

Our Support

Unlimited support and fast responses is the thing that makes our customers happy and return to us. After you set your order and purchased it. You get directly support. Crypting and software usage related questions get answered within hours! You won't have to wait days or weeks for a respond. This makes our quality service unique.